After receiving my new TV (Philips, 9000 series) I found that to open “Net TV” you have to go into a menu, select Net TV and click.. Horrible. So I wanted to program this under an unused key on my cable decoder remote (more info here).

– Homeseer

1. Get the Infrared signal codes
2. Convert IR signals to something that Homeseer / IRTrans understands
3. Configure
4. Test

Infrared Project page
Infrared post
TV Remote post

1. Get IR signal codes

After searching for a long time I found this document (official website link / document link)
This has a long list of codes that allow you to directly access certain features.

Example of the “Net.TV” code as found in this document

So I want to add “RC6 – 000,190” code to my Homeseer IR configuration. This code would allow me to start Net.TV directly.

2. Convert codes

Someone on the IRTrans forum suggested to “learn” another code from the Philips remote first,
and then see how that looks in the HS_SIGNALS.REM file. That will show how the signal is stored.
So I learned the “RED” key of the Philips remote which added the RC6 code in hs_signals.rem
(see table below). Based on the similarities the NET TV code ‘was born’.

RED keyRC6 – 000,109entry:   [49][T]2[D]S1000000000000001101101
binary: 01101101 = 109
NET TVRC6 – 000,190entry:   [50][T]2[D]S1000000000000010111110
binary: 10111110 = 190


2 = reference to the timing entry at the top of the hs_signals.rem file.
Convert Decimal to Binary: here

3. Configure

Add a new Infrared entry in Homeseer and learn a random IR code. (if you don’t learn a code the entry won’t appear in the hs_singals.rem file).

Edit the hs_signals.rem file and update the IR entry with the code as identified in section 2 (above).
Save the file. NOTE: Don’t know if you have to restart anything to make this new code active. Test !

4. Test

In your Homeseer IR configuration page, click “send” for the new entry and see if it works.


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