Monitor Water — 6 Comments

  1. Dear DJ,

    Very cool what you are doing! For me its still hocus pocus so i want to start small with EnyMate to monitor gas/elektricity/water. Im wondering what do you think of Enymate.
    Or do you say: “why not using RFX sensors?”

    Kind regards,

    • It all depends on your goal. If you want everything to be completely integrated into Homeseer, then RFXCOM might be the better choice. I say “might” because I don’t know the Enymate solution. Have to admit that this solution looks pretty cool, especially with the pricing they offer.

      So to get the information and charts Enymate would probably do. If you want to use this information inside Homeseer RFXCOM might be the way to go, unless you can find a way to (automatically?) import this data into homeseer. Note that this will cost you euro >400 for the RFXCOM LAN with some receivers, RFXPower, RFXPulse, RFXMeter, etc.

  2. Comment the sensors with code 70090+ 70092 dont exists, which should you use?
    Should it be code 10502?

    • Well spotted! The RFXPulse module + Open-end cable have now been combined into a single partnumber: 10502. Thank you!