Webcams — 6 Comments

  1. I would like your assistance in adding a panning parameter to the script. I think I have most of the work done except the actual send…

    ‘— Move the camera first if a control parameter is included
    if strControl = ” ← ” then strCommand = 4
    if strControl = ” → ” then strCommand = 6
    if strControl = ” ↑ ” then strCommand = 0
    if strControl = ” ↓ ” then strCommand = 2
    strURLcontrol = Replace(hs.stringitem(strURL,3,”snapshot”),”:”,”decoder_control”)
    strURLcontrol = strURLcontrol & “command=” & strCommand & “&onestep=1”
    If strControl “no” then *****strURLcontrol*******

  2. Question: What would you like the Webcam image grabbing script to do with this addition?
    If it’s only PTZ control you might have an easier option:
    To control your webcam you could actually use a 1 line script in an event.
    The script in the event would look like this:
    Looks like you already know which URL you need to control the camera.
    4 Events would give you up/down/left/right control. You could even add custom buttons to a device that give you this control.

  3. Hi DJ, the Webcamscript is the best HomeSeer-script ever! Very usefull!
    Do you have plans to convert it to HomeSeer3? Thanks, Verkenner

    • Thank you! No plans to convert it to HS3.. Besides the fact that I’m **NOT** impressed by HS3 I’ve tried multiple times to convert scripts to VB.NET. This basically takes to much time so I can’t migrate… for now.