There’s a couple of plugins that can make your life in Homeseer a lot easier.

Account Links (by Jon00)
Webpage Builder (by Jon00)

Account Links

This allows you to change the look & feel of the Homeseer admin user interface. The most important functionality for me is adding a bar with links to:

– Device groups
– Event groups

Because you can highly customize the admin interface to match YOUR needs, behavior and usage patterns.

Example: Yellow: devices, blue: events (screenshot split in 2 parts)




You can also
– create drop-down menu’s for items that you do not use that often
– create links to other applications
– modify colors & size of the buttons

In typical Jon00 style this is all configured through an .ini file. Not ideal but you only have to do it once!

DownloadJon00s AccountLinks example  ini file

Webpage Builder

The Webpage builder allows you to create a webpage by just putting items in an .ini file. Device values, strings, buttons, etc

Without programming you can now create a nice looking webpage. There are a lot of options so you have to spend some time testing.

Example (click to zoom)
In typical Jon00 style this is all configured through an .ini file. This is actually quite difficult but it’s worth the trouble.


While we’re on the subject

There’s many other great plugins by Jon00. Here’s just a few of them.

Image Builder (nice!)
Remote Computer Control & Network Monitor
–  etc.

More can be found on the Links overview.

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