Goal: Control HS devices and information through Siri or a similar system on the iPhone. Example: here.

There are a couple of options to control HS via voice (iPhone application)

  1. Jailbroken iPhone with Siri alternative
  2. Nuance Dragon Remote and Nuance Naturally Speaking
  3. Vocal on iPhone 4S with application on OSX

Both are not easy. So here’s information I found on this subject so far..


1. Siri Alternative

Short & unconfirmed list of instructions.

  • Install Spire (Siri alternative) for jailbroken phones: instructions. This will basically install Siri on your non-iPhone 4S.
  • Get Key: unique authentication key from someone with an iPhone 4S (or use a proxy service)
  • Setup Proxy server for Siri. (DJ: required if you have the key or use a proxy service?)

INFO: Use Siri custom commands
NOTE: I don’t know if this could be connected to Homeseer. That’s on the ‘find out’ list.


2. Nuance Dragon Remote

Nuance has a free iPhone application that can talk to their $199 Speech Recognition application Naturally Speaking. This application can run custom scripts which could trigger Homeseer events.

NOTE: I have NOT tested this. So far this is all theoretical.


3. Vocal for iPhone

This is a fairly simple alternative from Vocal that has it’s limitations. There’s 2 components:
– $1,99 iPhone app that only runs on an iPhone 4S.
– $Free Mac app

On your Mac (yes, unfortunately no Windows) you have to configure custom phrases that start bookmarks. These bookmarks can switch Homeseer lights (using the Rover plugin to have single URL’s that launch devices or events).
Some extra info: thread on board.homeseer.com


Other info

Youtube movie: SiriProxy Homeseer integration
SpeakToit: Personal Assistant – siri like services for iPhone & Android    
Setup your own Siri Proxy server   
Siri alternative “Sara” ?
Use OSX speech recognition?
Hack-a-day Voice controlled home


– Installing Three little pigs
– SiriProxy to control X10
– How to install SiriProxy+Ubuntu on Win7
Ketchup Mayo Senf how to get Siri proxy running

Question: Have you found more information on how to control Homeseer with an iPhone using speech?


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