Homeseer can send emails but you cannot send emails to Homeseer. Using Jon00‘s Email plugin you can do this. Jon00’s plugin support forum:

Functionality: Using email to trigger events and switch devices, integrated web-mail interface, announcements, etc. I use this script for a couple of things of which the Geo-fence GPS tracking integration is one.

For secure connections to your email provider you have to use sTunnel.

1. Instead of configuring Homeseer email to talk to (which Homeseer doesn’t support because port 995 is secure POP3S) you have it talk to localhost:110
2. Stunnel, runs on the localhost, listening on port 110 will pickup the traffic and forward it to
(picking up traffic on non-secure port 110 and putting it in an SSL tunnel delivering it on secure port 995 at your email provider)

Jon00_Email —– (localhost:110) —– sTunnel —– ( —— EmailProvider


For the basic setup please check the instructions that you can access after installing the plugin. URL:

If you use Gmail or another email provider that requires a secure connection you have to install  sTunnel.
Example configuration for Gmail:  here
For my hosting/email provider Bluehost I used the following settings in the stunnel.conf (\Program Files\stunnel)

; Debugging stuff (may useful for troubleshooting)
= 4
= C:\Program Files\Homeseer 2\Debug Logs\0_stunnel.log
; DJ: ADDED: performance tunings

socket = l:TCP_NODELAY=1
socket = r:TCP_NODELAY=1
; DJ: ADDED: Use it for client mode
client = yes
accept = 110
connect =
NOTE: Check your hostname (‘box000’) in your Bluehost control panel
accept = 993
connect = 143
accept = 25
connect =


Sending emails using Bluehost

Here’s my HS config to send emails using Bluehost. Configuration:
     Sending server (SMTP): localhost:25
     Receiving server (POP3): localhost:110
     SMTP username: <email-ID>+<domain>.com (yes that’s a plus instead of @)
     POP username: <email-ID>@<domain>.com (yes now it’s an @ again)
     Use MAPI for email: no
     Check email: no


Think about what you want to integrate? Which incoming emails to you want to monitor? Which incoming emails should trigger events/device-actions?

Good luck!



Homeseer Email Integration — 1 Comment

  1. Note that this config suddenly stopped working for me “sslv3 alert handshake failure”
    Can’t figure out why..