Here’s instructions and lessons learned when migrating Homeseer to a new (different) Operating System. In my case from Windows 2000 Server to Windows 7 Ultimate.

Select Operating System

Select OS / Buy license: Win 7 Enterprise 64-bit
Why this release?
– Microsofts useless comparison
– Wikipedia’s usefull comparison
A poll on the Homeseer forum revealed the following: (click to zoom)

Identify applications on current server

Which applications are installed on your current server? Take screenshots of:
–  the \Program Files\ folder
–  the Control Panel Software section

Check which COM ports were being used on the old server (Device Manager), take a screenshot
– COM1: IRTrans (?Ethernet?)
– COM5: CTX35 (via Belkin LAN USB)
– COMx: Bluetooth (via Belkin LAN USB)

Make sure you have installers & configuration backed up for all SW that needs to be re-installed on the new system

Core Applications

  • Homeseer
  • Homeseer Touch
  • IRTrans x.x
  • Belkin LAN USB
  • Stunnel (for Jon00 Gmail integration)
  • ChartDirector ASP/COM/VB
  • ImageMagic 6.2.3 (ANWB)

Other Applications

  • Bluetooth drivers?
  • CCleaner
  • .NET 2?
  • Netmeter 1.1.4
  • Notepad++
  • ODBCView
  • FreeFTPd? (why?)
  • VNC
  • 7-Zip
  • Anti-virus
  • Windirstat
  • (optional) Stamp

System Applications

  • x
  • x


Plugins & Scripts using updater

  • Homeseer TOuch
  • HS Touch Server iphone/android
  • CM11A X10 Serial
  • TI103 X10 plugin
  • POP3 Email package 3.0.30
  • IRTrans
  • Bluetooth Connector
  • Rover 3.0
  • Active Backup
  • HS Links Editor 2.0.1
  • Netcam

Plugins & Scripts manually installed

  • DJ_*
  • Jon00_Webpagebuilder, CheckPOP, Imagebuilder,
    Network, Whois, AccountLinks, NOAAWeather
    Perfmon, Restart
  • AZ FileInfo
  • XML2bwired
  • NOAA Weather
  • Speedfan (Jon00?)
  • RFX Charts x.x


– ChartDirector
– Homeseer
– Homeseer Plugins

Settings & Scripts

RSH Router config pull

Get installers / original files

For all of the above (where required), make sure you have the ‘installation’ files (right version).
Install \Homeseer\OtherApps\*
Install \Homeseer\ScriptsManual\*

Create Migration Procedure

Document what exactly you plan to do:

  • OLD – Backup entire server using disk imaging software (or the Virtual Machine files)
  • OLD – Backup Homeseer folder including all sub folders
    Backup your license files/numbers
    Q: Only while HS is shutdown?
  • OLD – Screenshot your Homeseer “Setup / Interfaces” to record your version numbers
    Screenshot your HS Licenses at http://<yourHomeseerIP>/hslf
    Print all of your devices, events and setup pages of Homeseer to PDFs or screenshots, trust me..
  • NEW – Copy entire HS folder to new OS
    Q: In case of Windows 7, copy to \Program Files\ or \Program Files x86\?
  • NEW – Start HS, go to updater, install all plugins you had, even though they appear to be installed already
    Q: What about plugins installed manually?
    Note: The HS Installer or Upgrader will not overwrite the INI files which you have previously pasted back, it will simply ensure everything is registered.
  • NEW -xx
  • OLD – uninstall Homeseer to release the license
  • NEW – Do xxx to activate the license

Info: Migration Instructions on the Homeseer forum.
Info: License Migration info
Info: Other resource


Build New OS

NOTE: If you install HS from scratch, you will have 30 days to migrate your license.
Q: Do you have to uninstall your old license to reclaim your license?
A: Yes


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