• MONITOR rain
    Is it raining or not? With this information warnings could be send out if (for example) windows are open.
  • MEASURE rain
    How much rain did we get? This can be used in graphs, statistics etc.

Measure, how?

  • Buy a rain gauge. My RFXCOM LAN supports 3 Oregon rain gauges. Found an RGR-682 at €30 in a Belgium Webshop.
  • Mount rain gauge on shed roof in garden
    • Make sure it’s levelled. (some info on how it works
  • Configure HomeSeer / RFXCOM plugin
  • Wait for rain… (you can’t believe how long it did NOT rain after I installed this device!!)


  • (€60) Oregon RGR-682 rain-gauge (normal price)


Monitor, how?image_rainmonitor

  • Architecture: A Rain sensor closes a loop when it’s wet. Closing this loop triggers a security or sensor device (Visonic) to send out a wireless signal. HomeSeer & RFXCOM receive this signal and set the ‘Raining’ device to true or false.
  • Buy a rain sensor.
  • Find good spot to mount rain sensor
  • Mount the sensor
  • Buy a transmit device. This could be any device that can be received by RFXCOM and is triggered by closing a loop. Examples: Visonic MCT-100, Marmitek DS-90, Klik-aan-klik-uit AMST-606 (with some modifications). I used a Visonic MCT-100
  • Connect to transmit device and power
  • Configure RFXCOM & HomeSeer with a virtual device that indicates if it’s raining or not.
  • Make info available anywhere


  • (€30) Rain Sensor
  • (€10) Power supply
  • (€50) Visonic MCT-100 universal transmitter


More info

Some interesting scripts are being used to predict rainfall. It’s a Dutch thread on the Domoticaforum.



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