One of the most popular trackers are the Xexun 102 and 103 trackers. There’s imitation devices being sold so be careful. I have never seen a product where the documentation is so bad, the amount of documentation versions is so huge (each saying something different) and where there is NOT 1 place on the internet that tells you how it works. There’s a forum with a lot of information: 1 THREAD with 2,500 messages !??

I would still buy a TK-102 or TK-103 if I needed another one ;-)

Xexun TK 102 This is a ‘pocket’ tracker. Very small, with battery, built in antennas.


Xexun TK 103 More for a fixed mount in a car. Has a lot of extras like an external microphone, external antennas for GPS and Cell, ability to close switches remotely etc.


How to setup

So here’s an overview of how I configured my TK-103. These instructions will most likely also work for the Xexun TK-102. Free tracking service used:  Orange GPS Trace. First register yourself.

Now you have to setup your Tracking device by sending SMS (text) messages to it. Make sure it has a valid SIM card that supports DATA. (in my case I use Simyo as it charges data by the Kb – it costs me approx 10 euro / year but doesn’t work outside of the Netherlands)

begin123456 (clears configuration of tracker)
> BEGIN ok
password123456XXXXXX (if you want to change 123456 to something else)
adminXXXXXX0611223344 (your cellphone number – so it knows that commands send by your phone are valid)
> ADMIN ok
apnXXXXXXbasicinternet (APN of your provider)
> APN ok
adminipXXXXXX193.193.165.166 20157 (IP and PORT number of GPS-TRACE tracking service)
t030s***nXXXXXX (t030 = every 30 seconds, s***n = unlimited messages, replace *** with number of messages it may send)
> T030S***N ok
webXXXXXX (enable sending of location via IP)
> NOTN ok!
nobatteryXXXXXX (optional: to disable low battery messages – trust me, you want this!)
> no response
tlimitXXXXXX 200  (only report location when moved >200 meters)
> TLIMIT ok!

Next, login to the Orange GPS Trace service and add your tracker as a device. See screenshot below:

To find the IMEI of your device remotely you can use this website:
It does require you to change the adminip but it’s easy to change it back to the settings above.

When everything works you can see your location on a Google Map using the following URL

Save your device and start moving. You should see your device appear on the Map at some point. Gps-trace also has a forum. Now you can start using my Homeseer script that uses the Orange Gps Trace service to put your location in Homeseer.



PS. Also check out my TK102 tracker post with a lot of extra info + configurations.


Xexun TK-103 GPS Tracker — 13 Comments

    • Just tried to install the Android App on my Nexus 7 3G tablet, but it says it is not an eligible device ???

      Please Advise.

  1. i can\’t see in the googel earth becuse i can\’t setup on ip and port

    how i see on ip and port ??

    • You have to configure the ORANGE GPS Trace IP address and Port number
      IN your Xexun TK102/3. Please describe your setup and which parts of the instructions above you have followed. I _might_ be able to help you.

  2. Muito obrigado !!!!! Funcionou perfeitamente….
    (translated: Thank you!!! Worked perfectly ….)

  3. Can’t find TLIMIT in the manual on the web for the TK103-2 (just ordered two) is it a hidden feature ?

    • There’s TONS of hidden features.. Unfortunately Xexun only spends 18 minutes per new product to create something they call “manual” which in real life is a bunch of pictures combined with useless and badly written english.
      Do many searches on Google and you’ll find some great resources.
      Note that one of my November posts on the TK102 tracker has a couple of nice links.

  4. I issued the “Nobattery” command and I’m still getting “Power Alarm” messages. I’m thinking that the “nobattery” command only works when the battery charge is getting low. When I unplugged it to take it somewhere, it kept sending me power alarm messages every 3 minutes. I assume that this means that it is running on the battery, but that fact was kind of obvious since it wasn’t plugged in. Even if it wasn’t obvious, I would have figured it out after the first text. I have to pay per text so a little run around the block cost a small fortune – in addition to irritating the heck out of me. So is there another secret command to shut off the power alarm messages?

    • Not that I’m aware of. For some reason I’ve never seen power alarm messages.
      Even though it’s a horrible forum you might find more info here:

      • Was there supposed to be a link there?

        The power alarm seems to be sent every 3 minutes when the unit is running on battery and not hooked to 12V. It sends a text “Power Alarm!” followed by the GPS data. I issued a “check” command and it came back and said the battery was 100%.

      • Part of the problem here is that there seems to be more than one manufacturer of the TK103. The one I have is made by ZY International and looks a little different than yours. Anyhow, I did get ahold of the Chinese engineer who made it and he said to issue the command:
        to deactivate the power alarm messages. It replies with “extpower off ok” and so far seems to be working as advertised.

  5. Dennis H thank you very much, the “extpower+password+space+off” command will now give me a good night sleep! My car is in the garage with a gear box failure, and the mechanic has left the car battery disconnected, so I have been getting low power texts all night. I sent the above command and I got the reply “extpower ok” and I haven’t had a text since :-D cheers bud!

  6. Hi,
    My suggestion is to find a real forum that could support you with your question.
    Tip: ask your question in English to broaden your audience