Currently I’m using X10, Zigbee (Plugwise), X10 RF, Oregon and Visonic devices.  I figured that I slogo_kakuhould one extra RF technology: Klik-aan-klik-uit. Just ordered KAKU remotes, switches, lamp & device modules at Let’s see how that works. The good thing: They’re incredible cheap and wireless. So no slow X10 powerline communications.

Since my RFXCOM transmitter upgrade in May I’m also able to control KAKU devices. What about KAKU?














KAKU devices are cheap light/device switches that use RF. The remote controls in my home have been replaced by KAKU remotes. Result: if for some reason my Homeseer doesn’t respond the remotes will keep working.


Next step: Add Zwave ;-) First: give me a good reason (huh? since when is a good reason required for such an implementation?)



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