Here’s some nice news from our friends at RFXCOM. They just released the USB RFX Transceiver 433Mhz (EU). If you want a USB RFXCOM module, this is it!  € 95,20 (excl. shipping) is a fair price for the huge amount of functionality that you get.


  • Low cost
  • Nice packaging
  • Extensive support of receiving & transmitting protocols (see below)
  • Extensive Home Automation Application support (see below)
  • with SDK (VB.NET)


  • No USB support (yet?)
    Solution: Buy the ‘good old’ RFXCOM LAN
  • Cannot be extended with 3rd module (example: for Visonic support)
    Solution: Buy RFXCOM LAN instead
  • Limited availability
    Solution: will solve itself


Protocol Support

• ATI Remote Wonder
• ATI Remote Wonder II
• ByeByeStandBy
• Chacon EMW200
• Chacon, NEXA, KD101 Smoke sens.
• Clas Ohlson weather sensors
• DI.O
• Digimax
• DomiaLite
• Düwi
• ebode
• ELRO AB400, AB600
• Harrison curtain
• HE105
• HomeEasy
• HomeEasy EU
• Ikea Koppla
• Impuls
• Intertechno
• KlikAanKlikUit
• La Crosse weather sensors TX3, TX4, TX17
• LightwaveRF, Siemens
• Mertik Maxitrol
• Oregon weather sensors
AW129, AW131, BTHR918, BTHR918N,
BTHR968, PCR800, RGR126, RGR682,
RGR918, RTGR328N, RTGR328N, STR918,
THC138, THC238, THC268, THGN122N,
THGR238, THGR268, THGR328N, THGR810,
THGR918, THGRN228NX, THN122N/132N,
THR128, THR138, THRN122N, THWR288A,
UV138, UVN128, UVN800, WGR800, WGR918,
WTGR800, WTGR800
• Oregon BWR101/BWR102
• OWL CM113, cent-a-meter, Electrisave
• OWL CM119 / CM160
• PC Remote
• Proove
• RFXMeter
• RFXSensor
• RTS10 / RFS10 / TLX1206
• TFA weather sensors TS34C
• Waveman
• X10 lighting, X10 security
• X10 Ninja/Robocam
• Xdom


• Low priced
• Receive + transmit function,
• Standard USB interface (works on Linux, Mac OS, Windows)
• CE certified and RoHS
• Supports the largest range of sensors and RF receivers possible (see the list below)
• Supported by a large number of Home Automation software products (see the list below)
• Does not rely on remote internet servers holding private secure data
• Free Software Development Kit with VB.NET example available on request
• Easy integration in any application due to a simple protocol
• Firmware updates in flash memory

Application Support

• DomotiGa
• Domigik (in version 0.2.0)
• Ed-win
• EventGhost (under development)
• FHEM (soon)
• Homeseer
• HomiDom (expected mid-March)
• HouseAgent (expected March 1st)
• Indigo (under development)
• MeteoHub
• Webx (under development)
• xPLRFX (under development)



€ 95,20 !


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