Plugwise_CircleAt the end of last year I saw the light and realized that my Plugwise script was functional but old and programmed in a bad way. The result was >350 lines of code now becoming <100 lines of code. I just realized that I should publish what I wrote. Here you go.


The reason I’m still using my script vs. the (great) plugin by Rene is the GUI bit. As you can see in the screenshot above it’s extremely clean. Gray device cannot be switched (and therefore I don’t care if they are ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’). Green and Red devices are switched ON or OFF. The Blue device displays the total.

The new version 0.10 script can be downloaded from the Plugwise Script page.

It now has a (PDF) manual with more details. If you have any questions about the new script please feel free to add a comment.


New HS Plugwise script — 1 Comment

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