Here’s an interesting new product from Klik-aan-klik-uit. The ALED-003 is a battery powered wireless LED light. The  price is between € 15-17. What is it? A small box with 3 LEDs.


The little box could be smaller but it houses 3x AAA batteries. A friend of mine bought one and showed it.

  • The LEDs are very bright (he replaced them with smaller, red LEDs)
  • It’s quiet. You can place it in a bedroom without waking up people when switching it on/off ;-)

He wanted to use this KAKU LED light as a notification device for his mailbox (which is a couple of stairs down)…

A couple of days ago I though: HOLD on, I can use this to display STATUS! Examples:
– Status: motion in the livingroom when we’re sleeping
– Status: Doors or Windows open when I leave the house

Hmm.. What do I need for that?
– A quiet box (when used in the bedroom)
– Not too much light (LEDs can be replaced)

What would be nice? If you could control the 3 LED’s individually.. Why? You could have 3 different “messages” with 1 device.

  • LED1: motion in the garden
  • LED1+2: motion in the living room
  • LED1+2+3: doors or windows opening

UPDATE: just heard that it doesn’t work like this. The 3 different levels are created by dimming ALL 3 LED’s.

Think I’ll buy a couple anyway.. Will test and post the results. More info:
Manual (Dutch)


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