Today my iPhone Wifi completely stopped working. Last week the phone suddenly became REALLY HOT and Wifi got worse and worse. Now Wifi is completely gone.

  • T-Mobile: “Talk to Apple, we did not supply the phone”
  • Apple: “Talk to T-Mobile, they are the only provider selling iPhones in the Netherlands”
  • DJ: @#()$*@#)(&^^!!!~
  • DJ: My phone suddenly became very hot.
  • Apple: Immediate transfer and suddenly people were being helpful.
    “Were you injured, did the phone cause any other damage, do you want a cup of coffee?”
    “now identified that this was not an exploding phone they went back to their ‘unhelpful’ mode.
  • Apple: “Your phone originally came from Italy. Do you know someone in Italy that you can send the phone to, who will then return it to Apple and send it back to you when it is fixed?”
  • DJ: @#()$*@#)(&^^!!!~


Turned out that the phone supplier did take the warranty and accepted the phone for repair. They will send it back to Italy and return it to me.

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