You’re sitting on the couch with your laptop – working, when your wife asks: could you switch on lamp 8?

Now there’s a couple of things you can do

  1. Completely ignore her
    NOOOO !!  
  2. Walk to that lamp and switch it on
    Well that’s an old world way of doing things!
  3. Find any remote and switch on that lamp
    Is ok if you have the TV remote nearby and you
    can use that to switch the lights
  4. Start Homeseer Touch on your smartphone and switch on lamp 8
    Kind of OK but it still takes to much time.
  5. … just press COMMAND-SPACE, “home switch on A8”
So this is *just* something that you can use if you’re sitting behind your computer and want to control your house without being distracted by anything else..
Check out the details on the Homeseer Alfred Script page.

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