logo_SNMPThis script will provide a basic integration between HomeSeer and SNMP capable devices. (RFC-1157)

What does it do?

  • Poll an SNMP capable device to retrieve system info
  • NOTE: this first release (by default) checks disk status on a QNAP NAS. You can easily modify the script to pick up SNMP information from other devices.

MIB: collection of management information available for a device. You can download MIB files on equipment vendor websites. (Wikipedia)
DJ_SNMP script v0.2 (Sep 13 2010)

Installation Notes
For more details also check the .vb script itself


  • Copy DJ_SNMP_xx.vb to your HomeSeer \scripts directory
  • Copy xxxx DLL files (see first post on Domoticaforum or here) to the C:\ directory
    • NOTE: you can also use a different directory, as long as you specify the correct directory in the next step
    • NOTE: at the end I copied the files to C:\, the HS directory and the Windows system32 directory. I haven’t figured out where they can be removed but it’s working now.
  • Modify the \HomeSeer 2\Config\settings.ini, adding the next content to the “ScriptingReferences=” line.
    • ,SNMPDLL;SNMPDll.dll,TableReader;TableReader.dll
    • if the DLL files are in C:\ you have to add:
      • SNMPDLL;C:\SNMPDll.dll,TableReader;C:\TableReader.dll
  • Modify the DJ_SNMP_xx.vb script parameters. (instructions in script)
    • IP address of SNMP capable device
    • public and private strings
    • Functions that get values and write them to your log-file or HS device.

When entering SNMP numbers (like, please check if you are using the correct ID’s by running the MIB browser (see link below)

Find the right SNMP object numbers You can use a MIB browser. Example:

By connecting this app to a device it will show the default data that can be extracted from the device. To get specific data you have to load a MIB. Go to your Vendor website to get device-specific MIB files.

Enable SNMP Your device needs to support SNMP and it needs to be configured. Here’s some links on how to configure SNMP:


  • SEV3: (DJ) Make it universal / GUI-driven / using .INI file?

The default script is configured to get information from a QNAP NAS

To get the NAS specific information you have to download the QNAP NAS MIB file. This MIB file can be downloaded from the SNMP configuration page (see screenshot)

Below is a screenshot that shows how to enable SNMP.


SNMP — 7 Comments

  1. Dear DJ,
    Is it possible to display the status of a device that i have polled with the DJ SNMP script on the homeseer status page
    I can see my QNAP NAS HD status en and the four HD temperatures in the log but i do not now how to display them on the Homeseer status page as a device
    Best regards PT1

  2. If you look in the script you’ll see the command that trigger the polling.

    ‘GetSNMP(,,,,a) (do NOT change the ‘a’)
    ‘DJ: debug 0=write 1=write+log 2=log
    Example: GetSNMP(“HD_temp1″,”.″,”A5″,0,a)

    When you enter the in the GetSNMP command (A5 in the above example) it should write to that device, providing that this device exists.

    NOTE: when the debug is set to 2 (log only) nothing will be written to the device. Debug level 1 will write to the log _and_ to the device. In the above example debug is set to ‘0’=write to device

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