This iPhone HTML interface is based on code written by Esteban. I have done some fine-tuning and added features to make it easy to modify. This is a major version that includes a lot of new functionality

  • Adding a device can be done using 1 line of code
  • A device could be
    • Lamp
    • Sensor (temp/humidity)
    • Sensor (security/door/smoke)
    • Network device (ping-able or not)
    • Plugwise module
    • RFXCOM devices (gas/electricity)
    • Webcam
    • Counters
    • Bluetooth presence
  • NEW: iPhone CHARTS generated using RFXCOM DB

You can also use Push Notification with HS using

Original forum that started this project: iPhone interface for HomeSeer.
Support is provided through this forum on

NEW: Installer with detailed instructions

This is the second major release that includes a large number of new features.
NEW: version 0.15 (Jan-16 2009)

  • BUG: DJ_ChartData_Temp_07.asp, change the variables_Temp1day and SQL_Temp2day to ‘ORDER BY rfxtime’ instead of ‘rfxdate’. FIXED: DJ_ChartData_Temp_08.asp
  • BUG: DJ_iPhone_15.asp, if you have 2 iPodLamp items pointing to the same HS device (example: “a1”) the on/off button will not be updated.

old: version 0.8 (Dec-10 2008)


  • Cannot switch a light? Open hscom.asp and you’ll see a line:
    • If device <> “” And Request.ServerVariables(“AUTH_USER”) = “admin” Then
  • Change the line to:
    • If device <> “” And Request.ServerVariables(“AUTH_USER”) <> “guest” Then

NEW version 0.15

version: 0.15 – Jan-18 2009

  • Changed directory names (from ifohn to iphone)
  • Added installation instructions and more information inside the script
  • Added battery icons and updated the iPodSensor script
  • Major code clean-up
  • Ready for packaging and posting on the website.

version: 0.14 – Jan-11 2009

  • New function iPodWebCam that displays a webcam image if you provide the right URL
  • Haven’t tested integration with direct Camera urls (containing usernames/passwords)
  • New function iPodChart that creates a link to the right charts file without changing the code.
  • Changed iPodPlugwise (added parameter) for Chart integration

verssion 0.12 – Jan-10 2009

  • Lay-out: Didn’t want a temperature entry to take a double height line
  • Lay-out: temperatures, sensors, etc are now right aligned
  • iPodSecurity now replaces ‘normal/alert’ with ‘open/closed’
  • iPodSecurity has an extra parameter to add the last change date/time below the description.
  • iPodPlugwise: totals now after description
  • iPodPlugwise: <icon> 30W now looks like: 30W <icon> (otherwise it looks weird when aligned)
  • Added function iPodRFXMeter (for electricity, gas, etc)
  • Added function iPodCounter (which I use to count doors opened etc)

This version will be released in the next week. Ping me if you want a copy of the code (unpackaged and documented)

  • Added function iPodIP that knows if your on your local LAN or on the internet
  • Added feature that fully integrates with the RFXCOM database and produces CHARTS!



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