This script allows you to write a record to your Database (Microsoft Access .MDB file) by calling this script.


  • Write a record when a door opens
  • Write a record when the TV power usage goes >100 Watts
  • Write a record when you are at home (using Bluetooth plugin)

Based on the information stored you could populate counters, create graphs (door openings per hour-of-day, day-of-week etc.). I have separate scripts for Counters in HomeSeer and these Graphs (beta).

BETA: version 0.5 (Aug-02 2010)
NEW: version 0.4.1 (Mar-13 2009)
old: version 0.3 (Jan-18 2009)

BETA 0.5
This beta contains a feature where you can write the device VALUE or STRING to the <state> field in the DB. For STRINGS the script will remove any HTML code before writing. For more info see note in script – documentation has not been updated.


  • Installation instructions are now included in the ZIP file.

Access DB example Here’s a few screenshots of Access tables that you could use.





For “Away”: (“Main”,”Presence|DJ|Away|djdate|djtime|prname|prstate”)
For “Home”: (“Main”,”Presence|DJ|Away|djdate|djtime|prname|prstate”)


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