How to use HomeSeer to control your centralized ventilation? I have a switch that allows me to control the ventilation from the Kitchen. When do I want to switch ventilation? In the Bathroom!
TODO: add pictures of the Xanura inside the ventilation system

Problem Switching ventilation can only be done from the Kitchen, but I want to control it from the bathroom if humidity>65%, so automatically.

Ventilation system
The ventilation system has 3 settings:

  • 1 ON (cannot be turned off!)
  • 2 Higher (never used this)
  • 3 highest (use this for bathroom)


1. Built Xanura SAIX12 module in the main ventilation unit.
2. Remove switch from kitchen
3. Device in Homeseer with ON/OFF
4. Event in Homeseer that turns ON ventilation when bathroom humidity >65%
5. Device in Homeseer that allows me to disable ventilation for (example) 3 hours

1. Setup hardware
You’ll need tools for this and it helps if you’re immune to 220 volts ;-)

  • Remove power from Ventilation Unit
  • Find out how the device is wired and create diagram
  • Mount switch (Xanura SAIX12 in my case)
  • Program SAIX12 module with X10 address (A5)
  • Add a humidity sensor in Bathroom (like Oregon THGR122)

2. Remove switch from Kitchen

I removed the ‘manual’ switch from the kitchen because I only use Homeseer Touch or a remote to turn it on/off. In 98% it switches on/off automatically.

3. Create HomeSeer device

  • Create new HomeSeer device ‘deviceVent’ A5 (Appliance module w/Status)
  • Configure Humidity sensor in HomeSeer ‘deviceHum’ /20
  • Test if you can use this device to turn on/off the ventilation system

4. Create HomeSeer Event

Create new HomeSeer event. This will turn on ventilation if the humidity goes >65%. The ventilation will be turned off after 15 minutes.
NOTE: Not tested/implemented: Only switch off if humidity <60% for x minutes.

  • Trigger: Device value change ‘deviceHum(/20) greater than 65’
  • Apply conditions
    • deviceVent is OFF
      • Don’t run event if ventilation is running
    • deviceNoVentFor3hrs is OFF
      • (optional) Don’t run event if ventilation is disabled for 3 hours
    • Time is after 08:30
      • Don’t run event early in the morning
    • Time is before 23:00
      • Don’t run event in the evening
  • Actions
    • Device command: deviceVent ON
    • Wait: 15 minutes
    • Device command: deviceVent OFF

5. Disable ventilation for x time (optional)
Setup a device that you can turn on which will prevent ventilation to switch on for 3 hours. (sometimes you just DON’T want ventilation at level 3)

  • Create new HomeSeer device ‘deviceNoVentFor3hrs’ A6 (Appliance module w/Status)
  • Create new HomeSeer event.
    • Cannot retrigger for (10800 seconds = 3 hrs)
      • This should only run ONCE per 3 hours, adjust if you change this to 2 hours (for example)
    • Trigger: Device status change: deviceNoVentFor3hrs A6 Changed to ON
    • Action
      • Wait: 180 minutes (3 hours)
      • Device Command: turn deviceNoVentFor3hrs (A6) OFF

Extra/other information is available on topic 1 and topic 2


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