Using all of these technologies it would be nice to use it to lower the energy consumption. Here’s some of the ideas I want to use to lower the energy consumption.

  • TV, decoders, mediaplayers use 55W in standby mode
    • Detailed monitoring: TV uses 0.1W in standby mode so it must be the Decoder and media players.
  • Some devices can’t be turned off because they might have to do something (example: Cable decoder might have to record a program)
  • Group-1: KiSS/Wii/PCH
    • RULE: mon-fri 02:00-19:00 OFF
    • SAVINGS: 24W x 17hrs = 148 kWh / year
  • Group-2: Humax/TV
    • RULE: mon-fri 04:00-12:00 OFF
    • RULE: mon-fri 14:00-17:00 OFF
    • SAVINGS: 17W x 11hrs = 70 kWh / year
  • Bedroom TV uses 8W in standby mode and is only used at night
    • RULE: fri-sun 11:00-22:30 OFF
    • RULE: mon-thu 09:30-22:00 OFF
      • SAVINGS: 8W x 13hrs = 40 kWh / year
  • Don’t want the TV to be turned on/off when I could be sleeping.
  • Office equipment uses about 60-80W, but part of it is only required when I’m working at home
    • GROUP1: switches, phones, printer, monitor
      • RULE: mon-fri 0:00-08:00 OFF
  • RULE: mon-fri 08:00-16:00 OFF when I’m not ‘present’
  • SAVINGS: 50W x 8hrs = 146 kWh / year

Other items

  • Replace garden lamp (ON when it’s dark) with energy saving lamp
  • Turn OFF lamps in livingroom 10 minutes after the TV power consumption goes below 90W (between 22:00-07:00)
  • Only turn on ventilation if the bathroom humidity > 60%

Water consumption

Has gone gown significantly. We used between 50-70 liters (13-18 gallons) for a normal shower. Now we only use 20-30 liters (5-8 gallons)


  • 300 days / year shower (holiday,travel)
  • Average savings of 30 liters (8 gallons)
  • 2 people
  • 2x 30liters x 300 days = 18.000 liters savings/year (nearly 5000 gallons!)



















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