Yes, I got a Philips Hue starter kit. And I like it (except for the price). If these lamps would cost €20 / lamp I would use them all over my house. Unfortunately they currently cost € 60 a piece ;-)


This is extremely easy. Just follow the instructions on the website


First thing: integrate with Homeseer. For this I used the fantastic Philips Hue script from Jon00.
Use the documentation included in the script download for installation.
Login to the Jon00 website (2x username/password guest/guest)
Menu: Downloads, click “Homeseer 2”
Side-menu: click “Utility Related” and find the Philips Hue script.

You control the lights by changing a variable in Homeseer. Example:

&hs.SaveVar “Jon00PH”,”(2,0,1,200,,,5,2500,,,)(1,30,1,100,,,5,2500,,,)(3,0,1,>50,,,5,,,,)”

To switch on lamp 2 (brightness 200, color temp 2500), after 3 seconds switch on lamp 1 (brightness 100) and increase the brightness of lamp 3 with 50 points (on a scale of 0..255)

To generate the right commands for the Jon00 PH script I have created a spreadsheet that does it for you.
You enter the commands and click the ‘Copy generated string’ button.
The result you can paste in your Homeseer event.

Download: Jon00_PH action generator spreadsheet
NOTE: this is a macro enabled spreadsheet. When you open it you have to enable macro’s

— Will add more updates in the next 7 days or so —


More info

Philips Hue website
Philips Hue Support website
Philips Hue Developer website
Jon00 PH script discussion & support
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