maintenanceGoal What should I do to keep my HomeSeer system up & running? Why? One page that lists a lot of things that can make your life easier.

Good info: Official HomeSeer knowledge base.

Homeseer Device Status
Low Battery, Communication Failure, Low diskspace?

How often do you go through all of your devices to see if there’s issues? “Communication Failure”, “Battery Low”, etc. I created this script (with documentation) that creates an overview of the devices that have a problem, based on your needs.


Download: version 0.2

  • Documentation and .vb script included
  • Future: ability to email report and more. See docs & script.

Question: I want to (automatically) check the HomeSeer configuration DB (sample.mdb) for events that have not been running for the past 2 months. This allows you to identify events that can be removed or that have a problem. How? Don’t know ;-) Do you?

Homeseer Connectivity
Did your WAN IP change? Use HS to monitor your WAN IP and notify you if it changed
  • Create a Status-only device names ‘External IP address’ (example: device-code T90)
  • Create “Monitor WAN IP” event:
    This sets the device-string (IP address) and the device-value (a number based on the IP address – so we can monitor this number changing)
  • Create “Notify if WAN IP changed” event:screen_WANip_notifyIn this case I write an entry in the HomeSeer log, send an email, send another email to an email-to-SMS gateway and an iPhone Push notification.
  • Run both events manually to see if they work
  • Make sure that if your WAN ip changes that your network is setup in a way that you can still have connections to the internet

The great thing is that if my provider decides to give me a new IP address, I’ll be the first to know!
To monitor the availability of your HomeSeer server on the network, please check the Monitoring section below.

Monitor your diskspace usage to identify extremely large logs and keep your system running as efficient as possible
  • Use Windirstat to see where the diskspace on your HS2 system is used
    windirstat(click image to enlarge)
  • (Re)move contents of \HS2\Updates2 folder. It is not required for daily operation. First move all contents to a temp folder before removing the files.
  • Log-files: You can create a process that zips the log files every month (and optionally stores them somewhere else)

Database Maintenance
Perform Database maintenance on the several databases used
  • Own DB – Compact using MS Access (at own risk)
  • RFXCOM DB – Compact using MS Access (at own risk)
  • Plugwise DB – Compact using MS Access (at own risk)
  • HomeSeer DB – Don’t think you need compacting because it’s not that big but do you have backups?

HomeSeer Devices & Events
Keep your devices and events organized
  • list ALL devices
    • Go through all of them, check the ‘last update’. Do you really need them? Before removing, search for the devicecode in Tools/Search. You might find that it is being used by some event.
  • List ALL events
    • Are they being used? Could you combine or completely eliminate events?

HomeSeer Troubleshooting
Make your LOG file easy to read. This is a MUST!
  • Set the log-file-color-keywords
    • How: Tools, Log-keywords/Color-styles.
      hs2_logfilecolors(click image to enlarge)
  • Logfile: most recent event at the top (so you don’t have to scroll down for the latest log-results)
    • How: Setup / General / recent log entry at the bottom: NO

HomeSeer Naming
Use sensible names for devices, events and even more important: locations
  • Use sensible names for location1 and location2
    • How: click Setup / Website-tab / “Location 1/2 Field Label”
      hs2_locationsettings(click image to enlarge)
      Note: Check “Use location 2” and “Location 1 AND location 2” option so you can decide if you want to filter by room or type.
  • Enter names for location1 (‘Room’) and location2 (‘Type’)
  • Location1: ‘Room’
  • 1-Outside
  • 1-Livingroom
  • 1-Kitchen
  • 2-Bedroom
  • 2-Office
  • 3-Attic
  • System
  • Virtual Monitoring
  • Location2: ‘Type’
  • Lights
  • Counter
  • Energy
  • Camera
  • Network
  • Weather
  • Sensor Temperature
  • Sensor Humidity
  • Sensor Battery
  • Traffic
  • TV
  • Security

HomeSeer must-haves
These tools will make your life easier
  • Link Editor (via HomeSeer updater)
  • All scripts on this website ;-)

HomeSeer Security
Keep your system secure and up-to-date
  • Important
    • How: you tell me (i.e. ‘under construction’)
  • Virus scanner
    • Microsoft Security Essentials (free and pretty good)
  • Firewall
    • If configured, check the logs to see what’s going on
  • Windows Update
    • Keep your system up to date with the latest (security) patches
  • HomeSeer accounts
    • Check your accounts & rights, especially for guest accounts

HomeSeer Monitoring
You can monitor a couple of things on a HomeSeer server:
  • Is the HS server pingable
  • Is the HS process running
  • Is the HS web interface accessible
  • Did HS start or shutdown

Based on this info you want to get notifications


  • Can you ping your HS server
    • You have to do this from a machine other than your HomeSeer server
    • How: Use a VB script that runs on a separate machine (or the host if HomeSeer is running in a virtual machine).
  • Is the process running on the HS server
    • How: On a different machine I run a .vbs script every 15 minutes that checks if the service on the HomeSeer computer (or virtual machine) is running.
  • Download: (version 0.1)
  • This script checks:
    • IP connectivity to HomeSeer server and
    • If the HomeSeerService is running. If either fails it will send an email.
  • What if your server (for unknown reasons) restarts and Homeseer is not setup to run as a service. This means it will not be running until you login. Solution: Windows auto-login. More info:
    Windows 7 auto login
    – Windows XP auto login (not tested myself)
    Windows 2000 auto-login
    Something that might help: “How to schedule programs to start automatically


  • If HS runs into a problem it can shutdown the web-interface but all processes & events keep running! (that’s actually pretty nice). How do you monitor the fact that it DID run into an issue and the web interface doesn’t work anymore?
    • Run this script (based on code by Jon00) every xx minutes.
    • It checks if the HS web interface is accessible. If not you can
      • Run Jon00RestartHS.exe
      • Run an event (that in my case sends emails/SMS/Push notifications)
  • Download script: here
  • Download Jon00RestartHS: here (user/pwd: guest/guest)



  • HS Startup: report startup
      hs.TriggerEvent “HomeSeer_Restarted” (dit stuurt een email+SMS)
      hs2_restartnotify(click image to enlarge)This example also reports the number of events and devices (see below)
  • HS Startup: report number of devices & events
    • hs.WriteLog “IMPORTANT”, “Devices:” & hs.DeviceCount & ” Events:” & hs.EventCount
    • You can also create 2 devices and during startup set the device string/value to contain the number of devices/events. Advantage: you can use this info in scripts like the Twitter/APNS script (see Twitterproject.
      • hs.SetDeviceString “<device>”, hs.DeviceCount
        hs.SetDeviceValue “<device>”, hs.DeviceCount
        hs.SetDeviceString “<device>”, hs.EventCount
        hs.SetDeviceValue “<device>”, hs.EventCount

HomeSeer Backups
What should you backup in HomeSeer and how?
  • What should you backup in HomeSeer?
    • Configuration database (default name: sample.mdb)
    • Device state
    • Scripts
    • Settings files
  • Configuration Database (.mdb file)
    • LOCATION: <HS2 folder>\Config
    • Backup location: <HS2 folder>\Config\Backup
    • Backup settings location: \Config\settings.ini
      • [Database]
      • Backup_Copies=15
  • Device state
    • LOCATION: <HS2 folder>\????
  • Scripts
    • LOCATION: <HS2 folder>\Scripts
  • Settings files
    • LOCATION: <HS2 folder>\Config
  • HOW?
    • Automatic email to a Gmail account
    • Sync with other server/drive/exernal-drive
    • Backup provider (like Backblaze)

Good thread on HomeSeer backup challenges.


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  1. I like your “HomeSeer Connectivity” ideas and have implemented those scripts and events to watch my WAN IP address. T’would have been nice if your examples weren’t graphic files so I could have done some copy/paste of the WANIP ‘scriplets’.

    Thanks for the ideas and hard work!!

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