Goal: Measure gas usage. Have all data stored in a database.

How: Connect the RFXCOM Pulse module with Optical Sensor Cable to my RFXMeter. The data will be processed and stored in a database by the RFXCOM plugin.

The RFXMeter will ‘measure’ the reflective surface that is visible when your gas meter hits the “6”.

Cost: If you have an RFXMeter with an empty slot:

  • RFXPulse module (70090 €26)
  • RFXCom Reflective Optical sensor (70091 €15)

If you do not have an RFX Meter yet:

  • RFXCom RFXMeter (70095 €104 (which includes the RFXPulse module!)
  • RFXCom Reflective Optical sensor (70091 €15)


  • Install RFXPulse module in your RFXMeter.
  • Connect the Reflective Optical cable
  • Use a laptop and the RFXReceiver application to see if the information is received correctly. Turn on something that uses gas so it will send out pulses.
  • Mount the Reflective Optical cable to your gas meter
  • Added pulse device in HS RFXCom plugin
  • Gas monitoring is now working!


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