Goal Get camera images from the back of the house without seeing the camera.


  • Buy a bird house (‘vogelhuisje’)
  • Buy a wireless PTZ camera
  • Modify the bird house to fit the camera
  • Add a hole for the power supply
  • Split the power supply wire
  • Add construction so the camera is fixed inside the bird house
  • Insert camera and connect power supply wire
  • Mount the bird house with camera to a wall/tree/etc
  • Stick the power supply cable in an opening (wall)
  • Connect other end of the power supply
  • Plug in power supply and hope nothing explodes.
  • Use all-weather-KIT to seal the bird house


  • (€80) Camera (used)
  • (€16) Bird house

More information about Linksys Camera URLs and settings
Also check out my Homeseer Webcam scripts





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