See who’s at the front door based on:

  • Motion (using MS13)
  • Doorbell press (using SM10)
  • Door opening (using Visonic MCT-302)
  • Mail delivery (using Visonic MCT-302)

Where do I want to see this?

  • EMAIL with picture based on an event.
  • WEBSITE where I can select events, dates and then show the pictures
  • TV that switches to the right channel based on an event.
  • IPHONE using my iPhone GUI


  • When any of the events mentioned above are triggered:
    • The webcam image is grabbed and stored using my WebCam script
    • A HomeSeer event sends an email with the picture
    • The TV is switched to the channel that contains the front door video signal.
      • This happens based on several criteria:
      • Is the TV turned ON? (measured by Power Usage)
      • What is the event? Don’t want to switch my TV every time a cat walks by the door, or when I open the door. Now it’s limited to a doorbell press.
    • TV channel switch, how? This could be done using the IR-trans (see below) OR a hacked KiSS DP-558.
      • Setup the KiSS with the special Stage2 firmware by MartinB.
      • With this firmware you can control the KiSS using HTTP commands. When triggered HomeSeer sends “ON” to the KiSS
      • Because the KiSS is connected through SCART, turning it on will make the TV switch channels. When turned off (after 15 sec) the TV will go back to its original channel/source.


frontdoorcam-architectureclick to zoom


  • ($150) CAMERA: Outdoor, vandalism-proof dome camera.
  • (€140) Videoserver: To access the signal over IP
  • (€36) Modulator: Injects the signal into the cable so I can see it on all TV’s)
  • (€44) Universal Sender which monitors doorbell presses.


  • DONE: Install Marmitek SM10
  • DONE: Configure SM10 to take picture, switch TV channel


  • Get a device like the IRtrans which integrates into homeseer and is able to set the TV to the camera channel (DONE: through integration with KiSS, should do it through the IR trans device.

Check the Plugin section on the right. My Webcam script is under development and looking GOOD.


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