This project consists of 2 parts:

Doorbell registration

Goal: Would like to monitor Doorbell rings.

How: get a Marmitek SM10 Universal sender. It detects a press and sends (for example) D1 to HomeSeer, which in turn writes a database record.

Ideal: When the HomeSeer / SIP integration is complete HomeSeer could call my IP phones to replace the ‘ring’. (using a specific ringtone) and push a webcam image to the phone display. Even better: Answering the phone to open the door using an IVR script.
If the Front door Camera project is complete it could trigger the HS webcam plugin to send me an email with the picture, and push the image to all IP phones. (they all have color displays)

Alternative: Use a klik-aan-klik-uit doorbell which can be received by the RFXCOM receiver. Cheap but nasty because I don’t want the terrible ring that comes with this product.

Cost: Marmitek SM10 (€ 45)

Todo: Order the SM10 or temporarily use the SM10 I use to control my central heating.


  • Take SM10 and connect your doorbell
  • Create ‘status-only’ Device in HomeSeer for SM10
  • Create event in HomeSeer that:
    • When X10 received D8 (SM10 device code) then
      • Write in Database
      • Update Counters
    • Update nightly process
      • Read total doorbell entries in DB and update Doorbell total counter
      • Clear the ‘today’ doorbell counter
  • Ask random people to ring your doorbell to see if it works

To keep track of the Doorbell rings I used the DB Writes script.


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