Project to monitor the presence of my car (i.e. is it in front of the house or not). This project will also provide temperature information (inside the car) when ‘home’.

Goal: Know if the car is in front of my house or not.

How: I have placed an Oregon Temperature sensor in my car (THN-122). This sensor will send the temperature (wireless) to HomeSeer. Homeseer will run a script to change the device status of my “Car Presence Device” if the signal is not received.

Cost: Oregon Scientific THN-122 (€ 10)

Todo: (DONE) Post VB script that updates a virtual HomeSeer device based on the Sensor status. (scheduled for May 1st)

Download: version 0.3 (May-01 2009)


  • Get Oregon THN-122 temperature sensor
  • Add Oregon sensor in HomeSeer
  • Create Presence device (type ‘status only’) in HomeSeer
  • Create Script to write loggin information and set the presence device status based on the temperature sensor (if ‘Communication Failure’ -> that means ‘away’).
  • Create HomeSeer event that runs if the temperature changes.
    • If changed to ‘Communication Failure’ it will
      • Send an email
      • Set the temperature value of the sensor to 0
        (so it will be logged!)


  • (FIXED) Email is not being send from VB code
  • It takes too long to see if the car is gone. Find out why. (“When does the HS device display ‘communication failure’?”)


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