UPDATE: there’s some new developments regarding car integration. Keep watching the main page for more news.

Goal Ability to view real-time car data, position and if possible images ‘Update: Also working on Car-Tracking system now (faq TK102/TK103 and forum).

Interface to the car

  • Using an OBD2 interface

Processing data in car

  • Get CarPC with application and data connection (GPRS) that sends data to my home server

Analyze data

  • Write script that analyzes the data and adds it to HomeSeer

OBD2/WLAN interfaces

That reads, records, interpret the data received from the OBD2

  • Rev by DevToaster for the iPhone/iPod (€ 32)
  • DashCommand by Palmer for the iPhone/iPod (€ 24)
  • FuzzyCar for iPhone/iPod (€ FREE)
    • This app posts the data on the FuzzyLuke website. (nice!)



  • Which application? Have to decide if I’m going to buy Rev 2.0 (which can send logged data) or DashCommand (which is going to have a new version soon that also can send data via email). Don’t know which of these is better.
    • REV looks great, has a intuitive GUI, can send tracked data but it can only ‘record’ 2 or 3 parameters
    • DashCommand doesn’t look that good, doesn’t have data sending yet but there’s a big community, it allows a lot of customization and the new version is looks promising.
  • Share data? Have to find a way to (automatically) post/email/ftp data collected (actually: graphs as I don’t want to bore people with a 1000-line CSV)
  • HomeSeer integration is probably the most difficult part ;-) If an app sends an emails containing the trip data I could write a script that analyzes this data and grabs the most important info

Which data do I want to see?

  • Current mileage
  • Average fuel consumption
  • Average miles / day
  • Remaining fuel (so I can get a notification when the car runs out of fuel)

Next next next Car tracking using Xexun TK103 (or TK102). You need:

  • Tracker TK103/TK102
  • SIM card with data subscription
  • Software to process the data send


  • Perl script to process TK103 trackers: link
  • Forum for TK10x


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