Measure presence of people based on Bluetooth in their phones. Run scripts/actions based on this information.


Install USB Bluetooth module on HomeSeer server. Install the Stipus HomeSeer Bluetooth plugin to integrate the BT dongle with HomeSeer.
TIP by Uriel:  Checkout the free Jon00 Bluetooth plugin!



  • Install Bluetooth dongle on your HomeSeer windows PC
    • It’s important that your BT dongle uses the Widcomm stack!
  • Install HomeSeer Bluetooth plugin (Stipus) (forum)
  • Configure plugin
  • General info on USB over ethernet: Lantronix Ubox, Icy Box, Belkin USB LAN hub

I am running HomeSeer in VMWare and the Bluetooth plugin is connected through a Belkin LAN USB hub (€ 79).
To get the BT dongle working in my VMWare Win2k machine using the Belkin LAN USB hub I had to use different drivers:

  • Download the Silex America SX Virtual Link drivers
  • Install the application
  • After installation, don’t use the control center from the SX VirtualLink sw but use the control center file that comes with the Belkin software. (“C:\Program Files\Belkin\Network USB Hub Control Center\Connect.exe”)

Just got inspired by a colleague: Add an Oregon Temperature sensor in your car. Whenever your car is home you will have the temperature – AND YOU KNOW THE CAR IS HOME!
So when you have no signal from the sensor, you’ll know the car is gone ;-)

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