2 weeks ago a gardener was going to completely remodel our garden. First assignment: take out everything. After that they were going to setup the garden according to our design.

Just after they started I thought about my Garden– and Attic-camera. It would be funny if these take a picture every 3 minutes.


  • Setup webcam to grab an image every 3 minutes
  • Have the webcam FTP an image to an FTP server
  • Use my Homeseer Webcam script to save an image and run this script every 3 minutes


Now the garden is finished I will be working on the lightning. This needs to be as energy efficient as possible and controllable through Homeseer.
There’s some choices to make:
– KAKU, X10 or Plugwise modules to control the lights
– LED lights ($$$$ energy: good) or Halogen lights ($$ energy: bad)


Garden update: Fast! — 2 Comments

  1. Very good material! I have already been hunting for something like this for a while now. Bless you!

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