When my remotes (lights), TV and other devices stopped working I found that my HomeSeer was not accessible. It turned out that the operating system, Windows crashed. Fortunately my HomeSeer is running in a Virtual machine. So after re-installing Windows, Homseer was back up & running relatively fast.

Here’s my post on domoticaforum after this happened. Ironic, isn’t it? Just after I created a page on how to manage and maintain your HomeSeer system my system crashed.

The only thing that I had not covered is what went wrong:  OS crashes :-)

Nevertheless I love the fact that Homeseer runs on Windows. Just because I can run tons of other apps in the same Virtual Machine. No compatibility issues here ;-)

Roadmap: re-install the entire Homeseer OS (probably Windows 7). That’s a lot of work, which I will document once it happens.

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