30 hours after the official availability of the iPad in the Netherlands I couldn’t take it anymore. I found an excuse to go near an iCenter and bought the iPad. 6 hours later the Homeseer Touch client was up and running. It is a great device! Now I need TIME to setup the HS Touch screens ;-). Apparently the HST client now has some kind of HS Speaker client built in.


Here’s some of my favorite iPad applications (updated March 9th 2011)

  • GoodReader (€ 0.79)
  • Evernote (free)
  • Flipboard (News/Twitter/Facebook)
  • Native iPad Twitter application (brilliant user-interface)
  • Live Cams HS (€ 0.79 and worth every penny)
  • VNC Lite (free)
  • Booking.com (free)
  • TouchBB reader (€ 0.79)


Information on my HS Touch deployment: Touchscreen project page.

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